Round up of Data Protection Africa

The year marked another significant milestone in Africa’s data protection development. Since the introduction of the first data protection law in Cape Verde twenty-one years ago, it has continued
to expand…

When the Cookies crumble: The use of tracking technologies in Nigeria.

Tracking technologies such as cookies, trackers, web beacons and so on are used by businesses to collect, store and share information about user activities on digital platforms. These tracking technologies…

Towards a Data Protection Legislative Framework in Nigeria: Accessing the Regulatory and Legislative attempts to enact a data protection law .

This report focuses on Nigeria’s legislative and regulatory journey towards enacting comprehensive data protection legislation. The report is divided into five major parts, introduction and conclusion inclusive

Assessing Data Protection in Nigeria: A look at Biometric Identity, Surveillance, Encryption and Anonymity, and Cybercrimes

This report focuses on the impact and effectiveness of the Nigerian data protection regulatory framework across different thematic areas, including digital…

State of Tech Policy 2022

Tech Hive Advisory, a tech policy advisory and research organisation with competence across the intersection of law, technology, and business, is proud to release a new report titled, ‘State of Tech Policy in Nigeria: Report on Legislations…..

Digital Lending : Inside the Pervasive Practice of LendTechs in Nigeria

This report is based on an actual investigation using openly available information and open source tools. Our findings does not constitute a review of the legitimacy or otherwise of the practi…

Dark Design: The Art of Deception by Design

The proliferation of the internet has resulted in the digitization of a lot of services  leading to mundane services  being utilized online.  


Roundup of Data Protection in Africa, 2021.

Some countries are still yet to adopt a data protection law, leaving the citizens without much protection. Countries like Comoros, Eritrea, and Djibouti still lack a data protection law. However, there are efforts to enact a law in Ethiopia ….

The Intersection of Freedom of Expression Online and Protection of Personal Information

The report focuses on the relationship between two basic digital rights: the right to freedom of expression online and protection of personal information within the African context.