Corporate Social Responsibility


At Tech Hive Advisory, we take the responsibility of influencing change in our communities and beyond seriously. We are committed to utilising our skills, passion, talent and resources to positively impact the society. We rise to the challenge looking at ways to positively contribute to solving some of the challenges in the society.

Community and Humanitarian Initiatives

Donating to Charities and well-meaning Initiatives

We are committed to charitable giving, be it in the form of professional services or other means. We have consistently adopted a corporate social responsibility ethos by giving our support to charitable organisations, support groups and well meaning initiatives that are beneficial to the growth and development of our moral and social values.

Diversity and Labour Practices

We are very particular about diversity, inclusion and labour practices at Tech Hive. We are strategic about building an environment that encourages gender balance and greater ethnic representation. We prioritize promoting inclusion and equality at all levels and we aim to build an environment where the differences between individuals creates opportunities as opposed to barriers.

Education and Knowledge Sharing Initiatives


We created this interactive website to provide a synopsis of data protection regulations and instruments, key issues and trends, enforcement cases, and security breaches relating to data protection in Africa. Our main objective was to create a platform that keeps a record in real-time legislative developments and events on the enforcement landscape for data protection on the continent. The content has been compiled from our data protection experts and partners in Africa and the rest of the world. The website also profiles the regulators and occasionally features investigative reports, security incidents and regulatory development on the continent.


Ikigai Innovation

We consistently collaborate with Ikigai Innovation Initiative, a non-profit organization set up with the vision of becoming the one-stop center for technology policy in Africa. We promulgate diverse research on technology policy and legal frameworks across Africa. We also engage relevant stakeholders around the intersection of law, business and technology and advocate for better policies for the ecosystem at large.

Being a research center focused on emerging technologies, policy and research, we often work and collaborate with leading research institutes, academia, organisations, civil society, individuals on policy affecting technology. We also publish and contribute to whitepapers, reports, policy briefs, infographics, guides and guidance, academic journals and publications.

Environmental Initiatives

We recognize the importance of environmental sustainability, taking account of social and economic challenges. To enhance environmental sustainability, we are committed to implementing best practice in our operational management. 

Pro Bono Initiatives

Pro bono services have always been at the core of our business. We are committed to utilising our professional skills to this cause. Making an impact in society is one of our top priorities and to do this, we collaborate with other organisations where possible. Some of our pro bono initiatives include…